FKT: Aaron Robson - Wind River Peak (WY) - 2019-08-13

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5h 53m 45s
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Slight variation on the original route posted by Gabe Joyes - I followed the same route in, starting at Worthen Meadows and following the Middle Fork Trail to the Deep Creek Lakes then off trail from that point. I just retraced my steps for the return journey instead of completing the loop to Tayo Park however, mostly due to my unfamiliarity with the access to that trail from the top of Wind River Peak.

It was one I had had my eye on for a while, and on the last day of summer break, on a bit of a whim, I decided to go for it (as evidenced by my leisurely mid-morning start time). Turned out to be an absolutely fabulous day in the mountains! I decided mid-way through on the out and back route instead of the loop, mostly due to not knowing exactly where to pick up the trail by Tayo Lake, and partially to avoid the slightly longer climb up to Roaring Fork Pass on the way back. Jury is out on which route might actually be faster...

Intermediate splits:
1:28:57 to the Deep Creek Cutoff
1:55:46 to the junction with the Ice Lakes trail
2:59:35 to the peak

Felt great most of the day! Super strong all the way to the peak, and solid on the first part of the descent. The last hour or so was a bit rough (unsurprisingly) and I developed some swelling in my right heel after mile 20ish that forced me to stop every 2-3 miles, take my shoe off and do a bit of massage. I was glad I had chosen the out and back option at this point, since the trail was generally smoother, which bothered the heel less.

Note on the GPX file - my watch died about 15 minutes from the end, so I had to switch over to recording on my phone, the merge the two gpx files. Timestamps should all line up though.

With some of the issues I had in the last couple hours, and not quite having all-day fitness dialed, there's definitely more time to be taken on this course!