Route: Wind River Peak (WY)

Wyoming, US
30.2 mi
Vertical Gain
6,723 ft

Gabe Joyes posted the route:

Wind River Peak, the tallest mountain in the southern end of the Wind River Range at 13,192'.  I've ran up the mountain a few times, and seeing how there is no current FKT, I'm calling my latest and fastest exploit the fastest one known.

I did the 31 mile run on my own (except for the company of my dog) and self-supported.  I started on July 27th, 2014 from Worthen Meadows Reservoir TH at 8:35 am by taking the Sheep's Bridge Trail down to the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie.  From there I ran up the Pinto Park Trail, took the Deep Creek Cutoff, and headed up to the summit from Deep Creek Lakes.

On the way back down, I went towards Tayo Lake, back to the Middle Fork, and up and over Roaring Fork Pass back to Worthen Meadows.

Pictures from the run and a few more words about it can be found at: Wind River Running.

EDITOR NOTE 5/19/20:

Gabe Joyes and the earlier FKTs were established on the Loop course shown, while the most recent FKT by Robson took the same route up then came back the same way.  Loop: 30.35mi, 6,815' vert;  Up/Back: 30.18mi, 6,485' vert.  So the Up/Back is likely slightly faster (and less interesting). Most FKTs are on the quickest route, this most recent has the same Start/Finish and trail, took no shortcuts, so it will stand.  The two options are similar enough that we won't establish a separate Variation at this time - folks can decide which way they want to go!

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