Route: Wind River Peak (WY)

Wyoming, US

Gabe Joyes posted the route:

Wind River Peak, the tallest mountain in the southern end of the Wind River Range at 13,192'.  I've ran up the mountain a few times, and seeing how there is no current FKT, I'm calling my latest and fastest exploit the fastest one known.

I did the 31 mile run on my own (except for the company of my dog) and self-supported.  I started on July 27th, 2014 from Worthen Meadows Reservoir TH at 8:35 am by taking the Sheep's Bridge Trail down to the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie.  From there I ran up the Pinto Park Trail, took the Deep Creek Cutoff, and headed up to the summit from Deep Creek Lakes.

On the way back down, I went towards Tayo Lake, back to the Middle Fork, and up and over Roaring Fork Pass back to Worthen Meadows.

Pictures from the run and a few more words about it can be found at: Wind River Running.