FKT: Abby Levene - La Plata Peak (CO) - 2020-07-11

Route variation
Northwest Ridge ascent
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 38m 19s
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Felt like a good day to give La Plata a solid effort. Solo run while Kyle went up Ellingwood. Warmed up for a little on the road before starting. Felt quite good on the way up, relatively speaking for "running" at this altitude. La Plata is such a fun mix of smooth runnable and steep hikey trail, with just enough talus to keep you engaged. And the wildflowers and fellow hikers were a delightful cheer squad! I manually split 1:38:16 on my watch; Strava gave me 1:38:19. You FKT gods can determine which was correct :) Really the most interesting part of this run was my bumble back down the hill; was feeling great until lactate and dehydration hit me about half way down. Shout out to Tara for blazing the way last summer!