Route: La Plata Peak (CO)

Colorado, US
4.8 mi
Vertical Gain
4,230 ft

There are three major routes on La Plata (14,336')
1) Northwest Ridge (standard, from Highway 82)
2) Southwest Ridge (from Winfield)
3) Ellingwood Ridge (Class 3-4, from Highway 82)
4) Traverse: Southwest and Northwest Ridges (Everett to Winfield trailheads)

The loop on our map is Ellingwood - NW Ridge

We have not yet implemented a "Winter" variation for these routes, but Colin Simon & Jason Maki did the Ellingwood Ridge route in 20 hours, 1/27-28/2016.

NOTE: Colorado 14ers should not be considered “backcountry” where you can go anywhere you want; their popularity can create a plethora of braided social paths that lasts for decades in the fragile tundra.  So if there is a trail, please stay on it.  Resist the urge to cut that switchback. Hundreds of volunteers work really hard to stabilize our beloved mountain environment (read here); please support our community and environment.