FKT: Abe Ott - Durango 7 Summits (CO) - 2020-10-25

Route variation
entirely on foot
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
14h 41m 54s
GPS track(s)

Started at 3:11am to avoid as much of the afternoon storm as possible. Went from the Perins Peak trailhead to Animas mountain, Elliot ran this section with me. Then hopped on to 32nd street to cr 250 over to Haflin creek. Met up with Ben here at 6am and topped out on Baldy at around 7:45. Then ran down the backside and got on Florida road down to ball lane. Met James here and did raiders ridge and skyline together. Felt pretty good up until this point. Once I got to the smelter trailhead I was feeling a little down but after getting some good food in I felt a lot better. Did smelter with Elliot and Robiny (going all the way to the technical high point felt like it took an eternity XD) and got down by 2pm. Refueled then headed to hog’s back with Gunther. Made it to the Perin’s peak trailhead a little before 4 then headed up Perins (the last peak) at 4:10. Made it back down a little before 6 for a total time of 14:41:58 according to the total elapsed time on Strava. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, first 50miler (my route came out to about 56) the weather behaved itself and my nutrition was spot on. My legs were pretty well toasted already at mile 35 or so but we grinded it out :). Big thanks to Maggie for putting this up and for all the inspiration!