Route: Durango 7 Summits (CO)

Colorado, US
51 mi
Vertical Gain
10,300 ft

Route submitted by Maggie Guterl:

A route that links together all seven major summits that surround downtown Durango. From the lowest high point (Skyline) at 7,900 feet to the highest high point (Baldy) at 9,800 feet, this route is a total of 61 miles and about 13,000 feet of gain. The route uses a mix of road, trail, forest road and bike path to link together all seven summits. The crux is the climb to Baldy up the infamous Halfin Creek trail with just under 3,000 feet of gain in under 4 miles. This route can only be completed between mid-April to December due to wildlife closures. The summits are as follows; highpoint of Skyline via Smokejumper trail, up Anasazi to Pautsky Point, Smelter Mountain (third set of radio towers, technical highpoint), Hogsback, Perins Peak (technical highpoint at rock cairns), Animas Mountain (technical highpoint at rock cairns), Baldy Mt (via Halfin Creek to communication towers).  You must start and finish at the same place (close the loop).

This route was super fun and partly inspired by a guy named Aaron who drove to each TH and summited doing an out and back. Sean Meissner has since created a fat ass where you can bike to each TH and then summit. But my route is strictly running one continuous loop, no off-trail. I really enjoyed running it and am posting this because I hope other people will try it. It shows off all Durango has to offer.

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Maria Sylte and I will be heading out tomorrow at 4 a.m. to attempt to lower the time on this fabulous route!