FKT: Abigail Stehno - Sipsey Wilderness Trails (AL) - 2021-05-23

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21h 26m 49s
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I started at 0324 from Borden following the original posters route. The first few miles were filled with waterfall sounds and at dawn so many birds began singing. The Borden Creek crossing was tricky in the dark because it wasn’t clear to where I should be aiming on the other bank.

The stretch between 200 and 208 is high trafficked, so the trail was quick and easy. There is plenty of water, since most of these trails are adjacent to rivers and creeks. 

Once I got onto 208 the trails became trickier to navigate. Having the original gps track was helpful here. The horse trails had a lot of blowdowns and the remaining hiking trails (210, 207, and 203) were overgrown. I was surprisingly excited for the road walk section because it was a reprieve from the overgrowth and tick checks.

The 20mi stretch after Thompson Creek was comparatively dry. I carried a 1L bottle and a filter. Braziel Creek was reliable on 210 and the second segment of 208. After that, it was dry until Borden Creek. From 207 until the end there were sporadic water sources, including two large creeks on the road walk. 

Overall, I had a fun time. The apx 30 miles of blowdowns and overgrowth was physically and mentally demanding. Being able to hit every trail on one route was awesome. This wilderness area is definitely a gem in the South.