Route: Sipsey Wilderness Trails (AL)

Alabama, US
56 mi
Vertical Gain
5,500 ft

Chase Frost submitted a route covering every trail in the Sipsey Wilderness  in Bankhead National Forest with the minimum amount of backtracking:

From the Gate @ the Borden Creek trailhead I ran south on trail 200, to the intersection of 200 and 209. Turning west, I crossed Borden creek and traveled on 209 to the intersection of 202. Crossed the Sipsey and followed 202 to the Randolph trailhead. Traveled north on 201 to the intersection of 209. East on 209 to the trail north that loops 204 & 204a. Round trip to the place this crosses the river is 6.6 Miles, and was arguably the most fun section of the day. This is the only “loop” or back tracking section of the entire day. Then headed North on 206, passed through the Thompson trailhead and followed 208 to 223 the top @ the Braziel Trailhead, at just about 25 miles. The next 15 miles is hardest section of the day. From Braziel, I traveled southeast on 210. This trail is very untraveled, cambered and quite frankly sucky to run,  (briars!) From the south end of 210 I traveled west on 208 to the intersection of 224 and headed south east to the bridge @ Borden Creek. Leaving here, headed due north on 207, climbed out to the Gum Pond trailhead and followed forest service road 208 south and east to the final section of trail of the day, 203. Running 203 south back to the Borden Creek Bridge, and climbing the hill back to the gate at Borden Trailhead to complete the day ( the "leg" off of the 203 trail around mile 50 is an error. I actually missed the turn off to the trail and went .5 miles out of the way).

Trails:  200, 202. 201, 209, 204. 204a, 209,206, 208, 224, 210, 208, 224, 207, 208, 203

GPS Track
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I will be attempting an unsupported hike tomorrow 5/21/21