FKT: Adam Tango Holland - Exeter Green Circle (United Kingdom) - 2021-08-25

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1h 26m 37s

A very long day, up just after 4am to head to work. Finished at 1.15pm and decided the night before not to drive home as it was in the wrong direction of the fell race. With the time I had spare I headed to Exeter to take on the Exeter Green Circle. The time to beat 1hr 43min 45sec from the website.

As I drove into Exeter I decided where I would start my adventure, parked up and run half a mile to my starting point. Set off at a good pace but at the same time try not to overdo it as I knew I had a race in the evening also it was very hot with the Sun being out. I was able to follow the green circle arrows around the course along with a map on my phone. Which I’m glad I had because there were a couple of sections I had no idea which way to go. Completely forgot how hilly Exeter is in places and at the same time got to adventure into new places I’ve not been before. 

Throughout the course I thought I was doing very well with the road crossings up until the very last one less than a mile to go. Had to press the button and wait nearly a minute as it was a busy road to get across. Part from that I’m a good time and very happy with 1:26:37 Fastest Known Time. I definitely believe I could do that under 1hr 20min on a day I want to go all out. Apparently there are people that have done it but I’m just going by what’s on the website