FKT: Ahmed Al-Shahrani - Qatar North - South Crossing (Qatar) - 2021-04-03

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1d 17h 55m 3s
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Admin Note: Ahmed is a wheelchair athlete.  We don't currently have a category for wheelchair, so we mark his excellent trip as "multisport".

On Thursday the 1st of April 2021 at 18:21 local time starting at the Qatar Saudi crossing I began my crossing of Qatar to the Ruwais (approximately 204km and furthest northern point in Qatar). The run went well. Friday the weather got extremely hot around 10 am. I took a break around noon and slept for two hours. The weather was cooler in the late afternoon. Most of the crossing was uneventful. But the last 20 km was tough as we had a headwind that lasted more than 6 hours with winds in excess of 30km/hr at times.

Along the run several members of the running and sporting community ran and biked with me. 

Eman El-Genrgawi: ran more than 30km and biked more than 50km

Yehya Al-Awah: ran aprox 10km

Abdulaziz Ashkanani: ran and biked more than 30km

Abdelnour Messaondene: ran aprox 30 km

Nasser Al-Awlaqi: ran aprox 30 km

AbdulHameed: ran aprox 50 km

Faleh Al-Ali: biked arpox 20-30 km

Abdulaziz Al-Abdulla: biked aprox 20-30

Fahad Al-Hedfa: ran and biked more than 30 km

Abdulaziz Al-Tamimi: ran aprox 17km

Lolwa Al-Marri: ran and biked 

Islam Salam: ran aprox 10km

Abdulla Al-Hamadi: biked aprox 30km

Ali bin Towar: ran aprox 10km

Bosco Menez: ran aprox 10km

I ran with a full support team. We had several coolers with water, drinks, canned food, fruits, and snacks. We didn’t need to resupply with any food or water, but the support team did get ice for the cooler. We bought ice cream at a petrol station. And on Friday night one of the support team brought sandwiches. 

It should also be noted I am a paraathlete (wheelchair user) my crossing was made in a standard daily use wheelchair. Included is the uploads are photos of the wheelchairs used.