FKT: Alan Moore, Jamie Hughes, Robert Kena - Brighouse Boundary Walk (United Kingdom) - 2021-03-06

Route variation
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 18m 17s

* Please note under video evidence i have put my facbook page where there are several live videos i did of the day

i also want you to know that the GPX file on your webpage is not the actual route - who ever uploaded did it through creating a route on a running platform and it is only a guide so as you can see i did much more miles than the 16.7 it reccomends but i stayed on the boundary walk all the way and when I got lost I got back onto it where i left it or the closest place i could

I did this supported as i did it with 2 running buddies as a team however i dont think we could have entered as a team as we are all male - if we can do an all male team it would be great and teh team is called Team UKOCR

I did the whole route with no outside assistance in terms of food or water i carried everything i needed

happy to ask answer any questions ir give more details - i will be putting a blog post up on my website over the next few days also