Route: Brighouse Boundary Walk (United Kingdom)

Submitted by Matthew Barker on Thu, 02/18/2021 - 02:16pm
United Kingdom
31.2 km
Vertical Gain
605 m

The Brighouse Boundary Walk is a circular footpath which was created in 1993 to celebrate the centenary of the former Borough of Brighouse. As the name suggests, the walk encircles the town and includes walking across areas of moorland, through local villages and also a crossing the Calder Valley. On Hartshead Moor it links with several other long distance paths, namely the Bronte Way, Calderdale Way and Kirklees Way and Spen Way Heritage Trail. From start to finish and when taken in a anti-clockwise direction the walk visits Bailiff Bridge, Green Royd, Norwood Green, Wynteredge Hall, Jum Hole Beck, Dark Lane, Bank Top, Milking Hill, Ashday Hall, Cromwell Botton, Calder and Hebble Navigation, Strangstry Wood, Elland Upper Edge, Ridge End, Fixby, Toothill, Bradley Wood, Woodhouse, Kirklees Cut, Bradley, Hartshead Moor and Clifton.

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Note to anyone trying this

The route is not well marked and the GPX file is only a rough guide - 

If you are going to attempt it do a few recce runs it will be worth it - 

also if you suffer from vertigo this might not be for you as you cross 2 pretty high bridges ( well they felt high to me)

To confirm, I changed your style to Unsupported as the three of you started and finished the entire route together. 

The Route can be difficult to follow in places best to recce if new to the area and would recommend starting in Wellholme park next to the plaque

There are not many shops on route so stock up on food and water

Would recommend doing this route clockwise and be prepared for lots of mud, I'd recommend waiting for dry conditions days before the walk