FKT: Alek Simpson - Freel Peak - Jobs Peak Loop (CA) - 2020-06-24

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2h 28m 4s

First time ever on any of the trails. Started at 5:02 am with a headlamp on. Glad I got this early of a start cause it was hot when I finished at 7:30. Was surprised at how much of the first 6k were run-able. About 64 minutes to the summit of Freel. If anyone knows what all the massive bugs are I would love to know. Thousands of them flying around the summit. Charged over to Jobs sister which was really cool. Then had the grueling part between Jobs and Jobs sister. I’m sure this would be more enjoyable with less snow and the sand wasn’t icy. 
was able to run quickly all the way back to the car and really surprised myself when I was all done. 
I think there is still 15-20 minutes I could shave off my time. And probably a few others who could challenge the two hour mark