FKT: Alex MacDaniel - Zoar Trail (CT) - 2015-09-15

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1h 13m 48s

This morning, September 6th, 2015 I made a first visit to Paugussett State forest in Newtown on the Housatonic River / Lake Zoar. I wanted to take a fast run at the 6.5 mile Zoar Blue Blaze trail as it fit my training schedule.

I ran it counter clockwise from the parking lot at the end of Great Quarter road.

1.8 just with blue/yellow in 18 min
I reached 2.5 where it turns steeply and sharply (320 degree left hand turn) in 24 minutes 
3.3 at the upper junction of the blue/yellow in 34 min

I misread a turn after 43 min and lost 1-2 min :(
At 4.5 miles it was 52min
i crossed the last service road at 1:11:00
i finished in 1:13:48

perfect conditions. If I knew the course better and measured the effort a little more even, 1:10 would be a solid Mark. The right person could crack an hour, but it would hurt :)