Route: Zoar Trail (CT)

Connecticut, US
6 mi
Vertical Gain
1,370 ft

Wikipedia: The Zoar Trail is a 6.5-mile (10.5 km) Blue-Blazed hiking trail "system" in the lower Housatonic River valley in Fairfield County and is entirely in the Sandy Hook section of Newtown in the lower block of Paugussett State Forest. 

The Zoar "Blue-Blazed" loop trail circles the border of the Paugussett State Forest "lower block" as an elongated oval whose length goes from southeast to northwest. The northeast trail section follows the shore of Lake Zoar (the section of the Housatonic River between the Stevenson Dam to the south and the Shepaug Dam to the north) while the southwest trail section roughly follows the Paugussett State Forests inland boundaries.

There are four short side trails which have rectangular blue blazes with yellow dots in the middle. One side trail crosses from the Lake Zoar shore top east section of the Zoar trail to the west providing a bypass trail during the times of the year when the northernmost section is closed. Two other side trails are spurs off the southwest corner of the trail loop providing access to parking areas at the end of two suburban cul-de-sacs (Leopard Drive and Paugussett Drive). The final side trail is a spur which follows Prydden Brook to Prydden Falls were the brook spectacularly splashes over rocks as it empties into Lake Zoar.

The main trail head and parking area is located at the end of Great Quarter Road. Notable features include a few steep climbs, Prydden Brook, Prydden Falls, and semi-obscured scenic views of Lake Zoar (Housatonic River).[1] The Zoar Trail is maintained largely through the efforts of the Connecticut Forest and Park Association. The Zoar Trail is approximately one mile north of the Stevenson Dam. It is possible to walk from the Zoar Trail to the Paugussett and Pomperaug Trails.

Here's a guide to the trail:

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