FKT: Alex Nelson - San Bernardino 9 Peaks Traverse (CA) - 2022-10-08

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8h 26m 53s
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Did the 9 peaks trail clockwise (starting at Momyer). About an hour in I was getting really bad sinus squeeze because my sinuses wouldn't pressure equalize from congestion, so I decided to bail and turned around. After 25 minutes or so of running back down Momyer they equalized and the pain went away so I turned around again and un-bailed. Probably wasted close to an hour with all that, so I think I could do this much faster. Once I got to the ridge and bagged San Bernardino peak, I realized that I could still probably make it if I pushed really hard. So I did. It was brutal. I filtered some water at high creek and again where you cross the creek before the final switchbacks. I wasn't sure how far it was from the Vivian trailhead to the Momyer trailhead, and I knew I would be close on time, so I pushed really hard and held a 7:15 pace down the road, finally making it with 20 minutes to spare. This is an amazing trail, probably the best around SoCal in my opinion, this was my third time on it and there will definitely be more.