FKT: Alex Remstedt, Quentin Nichols - Gearhart Mountain (OR) - 2015-10-25

Route variation
up & down
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 6m 51s

Jason Hardrath from 2020...

"Back in 2015, 

Some Bonanza Schools students, Alex Remstedt, Quentin Nichols, and myself went out to tackle Gearhart Mountain.

They decided we would run it!

I never knew back then that they would end up with an FKT because of their efforts.

I am very excited to share this with them (both have recently graduated high school).

It is seldom that my mountain chasing life and teacher life get to cross over so strongly to provide inspiration to young people. But this was an amazing day, it is wonderful years later that Steven has submitted this route as an FKT route and I get to commemorate this run of ours together.

None of us even knew what FKTs were. We were just loving moving quickly in the mountains!

To Alex and Quentin: dudes, when you read this I hope you will find yourselves inspired once again by those strong moments we spent out chasing summits in Southern Oregon.  I hope you will be reminded that doing hard things and getting in nature is worth it! I hope you will remember just how powerful you are when you set your mind to achieve something. May you find many more summits and successes in life going forward! ? thank you for digging deep out there in the mountains with me, these memories mean a lot to this day! ?