FKT: Alex Wang - Cuyahoga Valley National Park Traverse (OH) - 2022-05-21

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6h 27m 26s

Very hot day with feels like in the 90s. Was cruising in the morning when temps were high 70s but gradually faded with the temps and lacking salt intake

I went into this blind never having set foot in the CVNP before (I moved to Akron for an internship 6 days before the attempt). Wanted to do a LR though before LHHT 70 and saw this route here and figured I'd give it a go. Very annoying trying to pull up the map on my phone with everything super wet (forgot buff).

Ran out of water at mile 28 and was bugging as there was not a ton of streams. Found an unopened bottle at the Alexander parking lot that saved me though. But also went through some streams mile 32. Otherwise everything was carried along the way. Used a BeFree to filter water and refilled at some public sources that I could quickly find having never been to any of the trailheads.

Solo whole time except for miles 18-20.5 where I ran with another runner (s/o David) to Jaite.

I also biked 9 miles each way (total 18 miles) to get to and back from the trailhead.


Note this was changed to self supported from unsupported since I used the water bottle at the trailhead