FKT: Alexa Hasman - Wilson River Traverse (OR) - 2022-03-19

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
11h 13m 29s
GPS track(s)

Chose to do the Wilson River Traverse Out & Back for my birthday run!

I noticed there were no female Fastest Known Times and wanted to challenge myself on a long and hilly course.

I was joined throughout the course by friends that ran portions with me. My friend Zina Parks ran the first 7 miles with me. At mile 11 I picked up my friend Ashley Allen until mile 21. At mile 25 I picked up Sarah Haley and Kristi Englander. 

I was feeling good until about mile 26 when I realized the course was a few miles longer than what I planned for and I hadn't quite fueled properly. Had a pretty good drop in energy until I refueled with girl scout cookies. My friends at mile 25 brought water for me to refill my pack with, otherwise I had all my fuel on me. 

The weather was perfect, cool and crispy with an occasional misting of rain. 

The run stayed pretty casual so I hope that another female takes in on and destroys this time!