FKT: Alexander Parker - Baldface Circle Trail (NH) - 2021-09-04

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 40m 53s

Had a great time out there today and ran faster than I thought I could! Legs felt good but not great. Some wet spots on the ridge and the top of the descent and very windy, but all manageable. Not too many people either. Beautiful day on a beautiful route! More on my strava activity.

ALSO: the strava segment "Baldface Circle Loop" is short for some reason and people need to stop recording it as their Baldface Circle FKT time. Even though it is short, I still beat the previous time so it does not matter right now, but in the future I do not want to lose my record because somebody is taking a time that cuts the route short by 2-3 minutes. Just lap your watch at the start and end or make a separate activity and ignore the strava segements. Thanks!


I just realized that I was on this FKT. I didn't submit it. I know that that Strava segment is short. It looks like whoever submitted mine also submitted Neil Clauson's since they both say it's based off that short segment and with no run report. Just thought I'd clarify since I read your report. I'm not sure how either of ours was approved.