FKT: Alison Walker - London Peaks / Smog Graham Round (United Kingdom) - 2020-09-14

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2d 6h 33m 45s
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Oh my. Where do I start and end!!!! Full crew for entire duration. Route goes as east as havering atte bower, South as north downs way, west as Epsom and as north as Watford ?

Definitely not possible without my crew (key man, Matt) who have been there throughout the journey! Thanks to @daznbone , @hewardsam @joolsburke @wigsy77 @everyday.runner @whitebearandy @haroldwyber @denchruns @joe_dale.osteopath Ammon Simon and Antonio ?? and for everyone en route cheering me on including my northern friends @jezzag1 and @kimmykens81 

From being up on schedule to losing time on night navigation on trails (golf courses in Epsom were shut) plus getting chased by horses and cows lost 6 hours on time and I cannot tell you how demoralising that was.

It’s hard to catch up on time like that and when the mercury rose on the second day, the effect made it impossible to catch.

The second night also saw me at my lowest as we approached the last 50k. Having reccied it before, I knew we had to climb pole hill, havering and Hainault country parks in the dark. Whilst not technical, the trails were bumpy (no rain) and my feet had swelled so bad I was wearing @_matt_s_walker_ ‘s shoes for 80 miles... we tried to get napping but every time I lay down, I shivered so wasted a few more hours trying to salvage my energy levels. Ulcers formed in my mouth and lots of blisters on feet from not my shoes ?
I’m glad it’s over, but also a little disappointed. 300km is no mean feat and I’ll mull over it for a bit. Now to catch up on sleep.


Awesome effort Alison

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Was an honour to be a part of it Alison ?