Route: London Peaks / Smog Graham Round (United Kingdom)

Submitted by rick pearson on Wed, 06/24/2020 - 07:55am
United Kingdom
297.36 km
Vertical Gain
3147 m

A circumnavigation of the highest points in all 32 London boroughs. Never been completed by a solo runner. 

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A note from the route's creator:

I composed this route after walking to the highest point in every London borough, with someone from each borough, as part of a podcast called London's Peaks. 

The route has been created, partly with the help of The Ramblers' Jack Cornish, to be as green and good-looking as possible. It's almost 50 per cent off-road.

In a moment of hubris, I attempted to complete it across five days in early 2019, wild camping en route. It was far, far harder than anticipated – partly due to having to lug camping equipment with me – and, tragically, I had to admit defeat on day three.

So, I throw down the gauntlet to a fitter runner. Are you tough enough to become the first man/woman to complete the Smog Graham Round?

Hi Rick. I’m having a go on 14th September. Fancy joining me for a few miles? I also noticed the runners world relay was 150 miles rather than 184! Is this because the loop is now closed?

This sound like an amazing journey. Would be nice to do it with another runner.