FKT: Allison Gallaher - Metacomet Trail (CT) - 2023-05-05

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13h 17m 54s

Today was a 10/10 day on the Metacomet. I went north to south, trying to take back the FKT I had on this route a few years back prior to it being bested by 3 min. 

I had drop bags at mile ~22.5 at the Reservoir 6 parking lot in West Hartford and one at mile 40 at the intersection of Andrews and getting back on the trail after the Longbottom Road/Andrews road stretch. I drank a soda, changed my shoes/socks, refilled my water/snack supply, and put on sunscreen/squirrel nut butter at each stop. About 10-12 min each stop. 

My friend Erin met me around mile 27 in the W Hartford reservoir and gave me gatorade, nuts, frozen grapes, and a mandarin orange. MUCH needed. 

Weather was perfect. High of 60 and partly sunny.

North bit is very runnable — southern portion has a LOT of rocks and loose scree.

I started at first light - 5:53am, from the parking lot at Rising Corner in Southwick. Ended at 7:11 pm on Route 5 and Spruce Brook road under the sign for the Mattabasset Trail. 

Oof. Glad it’s done. Any questions, ask!