Route: Metacomet Trail (CT)

Connecticut, US
61 mi
Vertical Gain
9,500 ft


The Metacomet Trail is a 62.7-mile (100.9 km) Blue-Blazed hiking trail that traverses the Metacomet Ridge of central Connecticut and is a part of the newly designated 'New England National Scenic Trail'. Despite being easily accessible and close to large population centers, the trail is considered remarkably rugged and scenic. The route includes many areas of unique ecologic, historic, and geologic interest. Notable features include waterfalls, dramatic cliff faces, woodlands, swamps, lakes, river flood plain, farmland, significant historic sites, and the summits of Talcott Mountain and the Hanging Hills.[1][2] The Metacomet Trail is maintained largely through the efforts of the Connecticut Forest and Park Association.

On March 30, 2009 President Barack Obama signed the 'Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009' establishing the New England National Scenic Trail (and two other national scenic trails).[3]

The combination of the Metacomet, Monadnock and Mattabesett trails is also often referred to as the '3-M', 'MMM' or Metacomet-Monadnock-Mattabesett trail. The New England National Scenic Trail includes all or almost all of the 'MMM' trails as well as the new extension trail from the southernmost point on the Mattabesett Trail through Guilford, Connecticut to the northern shore of Long Island Sound.[4]

It looks like there is a great resource here:

The Metacomet trail includes sections 21 -

going to the updated NET website, it shows the Metacomet Trail begins at the parking lot on Summit Wood Drive (Section 14). have they switched the actual beginning?

Even more confusing, if you go on the Connecticut Forest and Parks Association website, they have the Metacomet/Mattabesett Junction at Rt 5. I think the NET and CFPA need to figure out who's right!

Art Byram reached out to CFPA to have them assist with mileage estimates on the trail, as I am looking to run the CT portion of the NET in June, and as I suspected the Metacomet ends where the Mattabesett begins. Namely at Rt 5/15 AKA Berlin Tpk. Here is the starting mileage info. that will appear in the next "Walk Book" when it is published.

Metacomet Trail
0.0 Begin Roadwalk
0.0 CT RT 15 / Spruce Brook Rd / Jct Mattabesett Trail (blue)
0.1 Join Orchard Rd
1.8 Leave Orchard Rd (P)
1.8 End Roadwalk
3.2 Summit Wood Dr (P)
5.2 CT RT 71 (P)
5.5 Elmere Reservoir Dam
6.2 Begin Roadwalk
6.2 Join W Peak Dr / Park Dr
6.2 Merimere Reservoir Dam
6.3 Leave W Peak Dr
6.3 End Roadwalk
7.7 Castle Craig (P)
The NET map generalizes with the trail names, and also lists parts of the Mattabesett as the Menunkatuck at their junction as the NET map overlaps. Its not really meant to be a Metacomet map. Given the above info, and the fact that my FKT started at that point, I would suggest following the above for future attempts.

Note:  There are unconfirmed reports that Matt Estes ran the Metacomet Trail "a few years back" in about 11:30.  We have no details regarding starting points, and if it was unsupported, self supported or supported.

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