FKT: Allison Halperin - Corvallis-to-Sea-Trail (OR) - 2024-05-19

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2d 19h 5m 13s
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I was soooo nervous about this one - the amount of mileage I was squeezing into a long weekend, the road walking, the dangers of solo trekking in the coastal range (bears! cougars! men with malicious intent!) so I’m extra proud of pulling it off. and extra thankful for friends willing to drop me off and pick me up and send encouragement along the way!

I camped at a Grange Hall and Elk Creek Campground (both available to the public) and off the side of a forest road on my last night. Was glad to do it early in the season so I had enough water, but it was still kind of hard to find along the way. Tried out my new fave backpacking lunch: Trail Pizza!!! The time I submitted was when I stopped my watch at the actual ocean, but the official trail ends at the 101. 

It was the epitome of type two fun, and to be honest I realized delusion got me to the starting line and stubbornness got me to the finish. it feels super cool to say I’ve walked from the Willamette Valley to the Pacific Ocean, and here’s hoping it makes everything else I do this year feel easy in comparison!