FKT: Alyssa Roberts - Cleveland Metro Parks: South Chagrin Reservation & Hawthorn Parkway Hike & Bike Trail (OH) - 2022-02-05

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 49m 14s

A very cold day, lots of sun thank goodness!

A lot of people out and about, especially on the two sledding hills that are along the path.

The path was mostly caked with snow - to the point it was a sheet of ice. Would have been easier to run on the road, but that would defeat the purpose of this, eh?

The trail is wonderfully marked and is impossible to get lost.  A lot to see and take in, whether you like the outdoors or not. There is an option to take the bridal trail instead if you want less of a paved experience.

Some of the downhills/uphills were barely walkable due to the icy conditions. This would be a great trail for quick, paved miles (sure there are road crossings) with some hills.