FKT: Amy Rusiecki - Midstate Trail (MA) - 2018-06-24

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23h 57m 28s

I ran with a phone tracking me on (track here:, which worked for the first 53 miles before the phone died.  Of course, it also didn't shut off to 'end the run' until a few days later when I had charged up the phone and went to view the route.  

I had Phoebe Seltzer run mile 33-62 on the route with me (so this partially overlaps with the track above), and here's her track of those middle miles:

Lastly, I had Matt Howard join me from mile 62-finish and capture it on his GPS watch:

I don't know how to extract metadata from photos (along the way), but I've attached a few from the start (me in pink shirt/backwards hat), Graffiti bridge, Mt. Wachusett summit, a random (but beautiful) field along the way, and the finish.


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