Route: Midstate Trail (MA)

Massachusetts, US
91 mi

Jesse Veinotte posted the route:

A friend, Justin Contois, and I are planning on doing a through run of the Midstate Trail in MA from the NH/MA border in Ashburnham, MA to the RI/MA border in Douglas, MA on April 13. I haven't been able to find any data on a single traverse as a run, so we may be going for the OKT. We're shooting for a midnight start on Sunday April 13th and will be fully supported. The trail is nominally 95 miles. [Note that the pair failed to complete the route.]

(Editor's Note 10/18/2020): A reader wrote in noting the most recent efforts by Female and Male deviated from the previous route due to a land dispute. The reader indicated a section of trail was re-routed onto a road possibly making that short section a little easier and a half mile shorter.  Since the re-route was required, and Samantha's and Cody's times were significantly faster than the previous, their times stand.  If the dispute is resolved all future FKT attempts should follow the original route; if that is not possible without trespassing, then the re-route becomes the new route).

(Editor's Note 12/6/2021): The trail reroutes have become permanent and thus the new route as uploaded is to become standard. Screenshots posted below show the main reroutes (blue is original, purple is new) which do not significantly alter mileage. The new route was recorded by Samantha Lynn during her Unsupported FKT in October 2020 and is the most up-to-date route currently available.  


I will be attempting an unsupported FKT of the Midstate Trail starting around 6pm on Friday, May 10. I will be sharing on my Instagram (@eliburakian), and I'll be recording on my Inreach, Garmin 935 and Gaia on my iPhone. My tracker address is:


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I will be making an unsupported FKT attempt of the Midstate Trail starting tomorrow afternoon. I hope to set off sometime between 2-3pm from the northern terminus. I will be recording with my COROS Apex watch, Gaia on my iPhone, and carrying a Garmin in order to be tracked. Link:

Awesome job, Samantha!  Such an impressive time--almost two hours faster than the supported FKT!

I will be attempting a self-supported run of the Midstate Trail on Nov. 16 or 17th. I don't anticipate a serious attempt at the overall FKT, but will be recording the run on a Suunto X9, multiple Garmin 920xts and Guru Maps Pro on my iPhone just in case.