Route: Midstate Trail (MA)

Massachusetts, US

Jesse Veinotte posted the route:

A friend, Justin Contois, and I are planning on doing a through run of the Midstate Trail in MA from the NH/MA border in Ashburnham, MA to the RI/MA border in Douglas, MA on April 13. I haven't been able to find any data on a single traverse as a run, so we may be going for the OKT. We're shooting for a midnight start on Sunday April 13th and will be fully supported. The trail is nominally 95 miles. [Note that the pair failed to complete the route.]



I will be attempting an unsupported FKT of the Midstate Trail starting around 6pm on Friday, May 10. I will be sharing on my Instagram (@eliburakian), and I'll be recording on my Inreach, Garmin 935 and Gaia on my iPhone. My tracker address is:


I will be making an unsupported FKT attempt of the Midstate Trail starting tomorrow afternoon. I hope to set off sometime between 2-3pm from the northern terminus. I will be recording with my COROS Apex watch, Gaia on my iPhone, and carrying a Garmin in order to be tracked. Link: