FKT: Anders Hellner, Mikael Hasselrot - Sörmlandsleden: Nynäshamn - Björkhagen (Sweden) - 2020-11-07

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17h 24m 41s
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This was a rather spontaneus trail run, which we decided to do a couple of weeks before. Since there are no races during this pandemic times, you have to create your own adventures as a motivation to keep pushing your training and to have something to look forward to! We called this run "Nattåget" (The Night Train), as we took the train late Friday night to the start, and then ran "the train track" back to Stockholm. As a bonus we raised some money for Barndiabetesfonden (The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation). We started off in good spirit and got a bit surprised how technical the terrain was already from the start. The weather forecast said no rain and "shorts conditions", but some light rain did come during the night and the trails were pretty muddy given the past weeks rain. Unfortunately one of us got some bad blisters after a few hours which slowed us down quite significantly, but we had decided beforehand that we would run together the whole way, so you just have to adapt to the situation. All in all we had a really nice run even though it took way too long. The time we did is not very impressive, we definitely have to come back to revenge this route! :-)