Route: Sörmlandsleden: Nynäshamn - Björkhagen (Sweden)

Submitted by Mikael Hasselrot on Tue, 11/10/2020 - 01:50pm
94.5 km
Vertical Gain
1,758 m

Sörmlandsleden is a system of hiking trails covering a total of approximately 1,000-kilometers (620 mi) of walking paths in Södermanland, south of Stockholm. The trails pass through several nature reserves, areas of cultural tradition and several historical monuments.  The Sörmlandsleden's paths close to the city are unique in the world in that they have a metro directly to the start of the trail and commuter trains that run from the end of the stage.

This route is between Nynäshamn and Björkhagen, about 93-94 km, and cover the stages 1-5 + 5:1-5:3. Stage 5:1 starts in Nynäshamn and will immediately take you into the wilderness of deep forests with really technical terrain most of the way with roots and rocks, and not much roads at all. The first 40 km there are no places to refill water, but the remaining part you have several opportunities to refill, all clearly marked out. The route in general is really well marked with orange on threes. In Paradise nature reserve (after about 40 km), there are small lakes surrounded by such beautiful nature that it is a must to stop and enjoy for a short while. There is also a well with a pump where you can get new drinking water. The trail also goes through Tyresta National Park, a stretch that is hilly and technical with a magical fairytale forest and a real wilderness feeling. The trail ends in Nacka nature reserve, Sweden's by far the most visited outdoor area, where you at the end will pass a natural water source where drinking water is pouring our from the ground - delicious!!! All in all, you get a very beautiful, pleasant and varied nature experience along the trail.

The route shares some trail with the shorter Björkhagen - Huddinge route.

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First - Congratulations to Mikael and Anders for a great achievement on running this  route S to N in late autumn. Well done guys!

Second - the official distance is 90 km, this is stated on the Sörmlandsleden website ( I have run the distance twice in the opposite direction (2017 and 2018) and GPS recorded then showed 89,3 km following the route markers. Since then there has, admittedly, been minor alterations to the route by the Sörmlandsleden organisation, but I honestly belive that the alterations, at Hemfosa and Söderbyvägen, has not added several kilometers to the total distance. 

Third - in Nynäshamn the official route starts/ends at Kvarnängen, at the sign saying "Sörmlandsleden börjar här" which translates to "The Sörmlandsleden route starts here". The sign is located in the intersection between the large road between Nynäshamn and Älgviken and the smaller road connecting to the parking lot at Kvarnängen. The markings from Kvarnängens IP to the Nynäsgård train station are transport markings connecting the train station to the trailhead. 

Nonetheless, this does not however in any way diminish the feat of Anders and Mikael. Once again congratulations!

I agree with the above comment that the start of the trail very clearly is at Kvarnägnens IP. This is made abundantly clear by Sörmlandsleden in both documentations and in the physical environment.

I will make an attempt N to S as soon as the weather allows. I will do it unsupported.