FKT: Andrew Becker - Kullaleden 71K (Sweden) - 2022-07-03

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7h 23m 0s
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Really good day on the trails. Started off very strong along the flat between Utvälinge and Arild. A few heavily overgrown sections along the way. Felt great running through the hills and trails in Kullaberg, one of my favourite places the run! Stopped at Mölle to refuel and then the headwind kicked in. All flat along the coast but the 8m/s headwind started to take its toll on the body and mind. Stopped at Höganäs to refuel again. Very tough section by Viken with the soft sand, and overgrown thorny bushes. Coming into Pålsjö skog was a much needed break from the headwind. Beautiful spot finishing up by the tower and views over Helsingborg with a coke in hand. Great run and highly recommend for anyone looking into running an ultra distance, just pick a day without wind!