Route: Kullaleden 71K (Sweden)

Submitted by Thomas Fransson on Fri, 04/02/2021 - 01:04am
71 km
Vertical Gain
1,287 m


Kullaleden is section 1-6 of Skåneleden trail no. SL 5 in total 70 kilometres around the Kullahalvön peninsula from Helsingborg city centre via Kullaberg Lighthouse to Utvälinge.

Kullaleden offers a great variety of experiences along the way. Here you find everything including the medieval city centre of Helsingborg, beautiful views over the straits from the plateau heights, the well-known Sofiero Palace, Kulla-Gunnarstorp and Krapperup Estates, beaches and picturesque seaside villages, and Kullaberg’s dramatic cliff formations.

Kullaleden is certified according to the European Ramblers’ Association’s (ERA) criteria for being a Leading Quality Trail. This entails a quality assurance of the trail’s physical standard as well as the experiences and services along the trail. The certification is renewed every three years. There are signs in all the village harbours with information about the local sights as well as a detailed map.

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