FKT: Andrew Burford - Boulder Skyline Traverse (CO) - 2023-06-04

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7h 16m 49s
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Started this with the mentality of “I better not be able to walk after this”. I succeeded. This was significantly more than anything I've done in the past so was definitely a learning experience. Normally a enjoy a little snack mid run but due to a lack of any real breaks and need for consistent calorie consumption, I was faced with the chore of force feeding myself clif bars with the help of swishing around sips of water to get it all down. Saw Levi on the way down Flagstaff. Saw two hikers on the way up shadow who were also double skylining today. Saw Ryan on the way down Flagstaff in the other direction. Saw Laura on the way up Sanitas. Had a near moment of heartbreak when the water fountain at Eben G Fine appeared to be broken but apparently it just takes a few seconds to get going. Had faint left knee pain and right hip flexor cramp that came and went through the back half but never felt serious and was gone by the end. Thoroughly enjoyed the wet, lush greenery and consistent precipitation all day long.