Route: Boulder Skyline Traverse (CO)

Colorado, US
17.3 mi
Vertical Gain
5600 ft

This route lets you see everything that Boulder has to offer for mountain running by traversing the five mountains of Boulder's skyline: South Boulder Peak, Bear Peak, Green Mountain, Flagstaff Mountain, and Mt. Sanitas.  It's classic and competitive, so for FKT purposes, this is the exact route:

  • South Start/Finish: South Mesa TH, first bridge over the canal (not from edge of parking lot)
  • Mesa Trail/Towhee Trail
  • Shadow Canyon Trail
  • South Boulder Peak
  • SoBo to Bear Peak Connector
  • Bear Peak
  • Bear Peak West Ridge Trail
  • Green Bear Trail
  • Green Mountain West Ridge out/back 
  • Green Mountain
  • Ranger Trail
  • Ute Trail (just missing Flagstaffs actual summit)
  • Flagstaff Trail to Panorama Pt
  • Panorama Viewpoint Trail to Eben G Fine Park
  • Red Rocks Trail to Centennial TH
  • Mt Sanitas Trail
  • Mount Sanitas
  • East Ridge Trail
  • Sanitas Valley Trail
  • North Finish/Start: bridge over creek at picnic shelter on Mapleton Ave

This can be run in either direction; we currently don't keep track of separate directional FKTs.

- Submitted by Jacquie Mannhard

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