FKT: Andrew Burford - Paugussett Trail (CT) - 2023-01-14

Route variation
end-to-end-to-end (out & back)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 34m 37s
GPS track(s)

Thank you Jeff for convincing me to go for both the one way and out n back in the same run. Brought one bottle of water and some energy chews that I didn’t eat any of but I sure made use of the water. I tried to put myself in the mindset of a 13 mile race on the way out with thoughts of the way back pushed to the back of my mind. I felt surprisingly not as utterly destroyed at the turn around point as I expected. I think the hiking and biking I did in Puerto Rico the past 12 days was good cross training for long term endurance stuff. I slowed things down after turning around, knowing my time on the way out would comfortably get me the out n back as well save any disasters. Didn’t fully let up on the gas though and things were definitely hurting the last 2 miles or so. There was some beautiful snow fall for a while in the middle and made for a nice winter ambiance.