Route: Paugussett Trail (CT)

Connecticut, US
12.7 mi

The Paugussett Trail is a Blue-Blazed hiking trail "system" in the lower Housatonic River valley in Fairfield County and, today, is entirely in Shelton and Monroe, Connecticut. Much of the trail is in Indian Well State Park and the Town of Monroe's Webb Mountain Park. The mainline (official "Blue-Blazed") trail is primarily southeast to northwest with three short side or spur trails.

Northern Terminus: East Village Road (41.3570510, -73.1896970)
Southern Terminus: Buddington Road (41.2890360, -73.1206940)

Here's a link to maps and info on the trail. Just scroll down until you see the Paugussett Trail.

Here is another trail guide:



Hey y'all, my name is Jimmy McCaffrey and I just lowered the Paugusset Trail FKT to 2:08:45 today. The conditions were perfect to run a fast time and the trail was clear of any tornado damage from last year.

There's a new re-route in the Webb Mountain park section, I think it adds some distance, but not much. 

Here's the Strava data:

I think someone can definitely go under two hours on this trail; I'm going to give it another go later in the year (early autumn).

Until then, have at it!