FKT: Andrew Burford - Pomperaug Trail (CT) - 2022-06-14

Route variation
out & back
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Total time
1h 14m 45s
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I'd never ran this trail before so after the first 1.5 miles of crazy technical work I was beginning think I'd underestimated what I was getting myself into, but then the northern half of the trail turned out to be much more manageable. I passed a lady while sprinting across the first bridge and witnessed possibly the biggest scare I'd ever gotten out of someone on a run despite the fact that they were traveling in the opposite direction and saw me coming. Loud and prolonged scream, hands over mouth, and several steps backwards accompanied with an intense shudder. I guess that's how terrifying I look while running an FKT. The hill on the third mile zapped all the energy from my calves and left me heavily heel striking for a bit while the calves recovered. At the turnaround point, I realized I'd been to Kettletown State Park a number of times to hike with my family but hadn't recognized the name when I saw it on the map earlier. The hill on mile 6 involved some more speed hiking which left the calves a bit fresher at the top for the last scramble through the rock gardens. The camber on that one section really takes some balance. I got to the finish just under 1:15 which I'm very happy with for an on-sight FKT. I only wish the start/finish was closer to the water for a quick dip.