FKT: Andrew Burford - Quinnipiac Trail (CT) - 2022-08-12

Route variation
Single Old Q
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Total time
2h 33m 18s
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This has been on my bucket list for a long time. As I was planning this I thought I would do the new reroute but when I realized Jeff Grant's run on the old route is his last standing FKT, I determined I had no choice but to do exactly the route he took. I started on the road section at the double blaze on route 68 and cut off the little horseshoe at the corner of Whitney and Mt Carmel just like Jeff (only difference was a recent trail redirect around Brooks Road that added some switchbacks). My start was relatively cautious and it took a few miles before I felt fully warmed up. By the time I got to the downhill on Mt. Sanford, I felt in my element hopping across the jumbled rocks and roots at a good clip. I had to remind myself several times to save plenty for the Giant. As I approached Whitney Ave I saw the light turn green and dropped down to 5 flat pace for a hot second and bolted across just after it was fully red so definitely got lucky there. The climb up the head of the Giant really took it out of me and after about three quarters of the way through SG I lost all ability to run uphill. Interestingly, I could keep it moving on the flat just fine but any little ridge to climb up had me walking. By the time I got to Chestnut Lane, I was just starting to feel recovered from the brutality of the earlier climbs. I could then enjoy the last downhill section secure in the knowledge that all of Jeff Grant's FKT's would now be properly disposed of. Actually, the most satisfying part was finally connecting all of the little pieces of this trail I've done recon runs the past two weeks. As I drove home, I recognized so many road names I'd become familiar with from biking to different trailheads recently - I'm glad this trail got me to explore some of the scenery just a little further from home. Thanks Jeff for the solid time to beat!