Route: Quinnipiac Trail (CT)

Connecticut, US

Alex McDaniel posted an initial route and FKT.  He wrote:

"The Qunnipiac is about 18 miles of trails and road connectors in Hamden and Cheshire CT.  On Sat. Aug 29th [2015] at 6:12am I started at Rt 68 at the Blue sign, and started running south on the Q. I reached the top of Roaring Brooke Falls in 32:30 and crossed Rt 42 in 50:00. I went over Mt Sanford and reached Gaylord Mt Road in 1:22. I crossed Brooks road in 1:50 and reached the intersection of the Q and Regicides trails in 2:07. I crossed Rt 10 Whittney Ave at 2:42 feeling great but bonked a bit going up the "Wall" in Sleeping Giant. I finished pretty exhausted in 4:07 on the East side of Sleeping Giant which is just Kings HW. Sadly I then had to run 2.5 miles to my pick up. I was toast."