FKT: Andrew Burford - Sleeping Giant State Park (CT) - 2020-06-27

Route variation
White Trail out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
59m 58s
GPS track(s)

Trip report is below, but first I'd like to address the strange GPS data. Before starting the route, I recorded a 90 second warmup to make sure my watch was connecting with GPS. As shown in the screen shot, I ended this workout recording at 4:26:59pm. 7 seconds later, I start the FKT recording at 4:27:06pm. But for some reason, my watch didn't record any gpx track points until 11 minutes in. However, I guess it still had a cached track point from the warmup run that was recorded at 4:25:49pm, so it saved this as the very first track point of the FKT recording even though it occurred before I started recording. Hence why Strava reports my total moving time as 1:01:16, even though the real time is 59:58.

Well this was certainly not what I thought I'd be doing today. I was thinking of heading over to wet blue to enjoy the thunderstorm, but I couldn't do Elderslie a third day in a row. So I figured I'd try driving somewhere and that's when I noticed the newly added FKT at Sleeping Giant. Rain started off nice and heavy at the beginning and seemed to get lighter as I headed west. By the time I reached the turn around point, there was even a few minutes of sunshine. Then as I headed back east, the rain slowly picked up again until it was once again a steady downfall as I approached the eastern trailhead. Most view points were an opaque white curtain of fog, but once or twice there was a break in the clouds for a nice view of Quinnipiac. Since there was no unsupported male time for the FKT, I wasn't hammering this particularly hard, so hopefully there's opportunity for other people to take a crack at lowering the time. Turn around point was somewhere around 29:30, out n' back time was 59:58. I started and stopped at the Chestnut Lane trail sign. My turn around point wasn't as well defined; I sort of stood around on the road scanning for any white markers to make sure I was at the end of the trail, and then I noticed the large "White trail" sign behind me and figured this was it. It was definitely a fun trail and probably even more enjoyable in dry conditions, but I certainly appreciated having the park virtually all to myself on a day like today.