FKT: Andrew Cooney - Paston Way - 2024-02-07

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5h 24m 3s

I started the day with a massive fry-up at Sheringham YHA (excellent value food and accommodation) and as a result posponed my start time while it went down.  I didn't reach North Walsham unti 11:15am.

I visit Sheringham a lot but these are largely new trails to me (except the North Norfolk Coast Path) and I wanted to get a long run in for training for an April 50-miler.

This was a solo run and I was a bit of an idiot and travelled a little too lightly - no leggings and could have done with an extra spare layer on top as the weather had cooled substantially to about 5 degrees C. Anyway - no problem while running and the sun was out sporadically.

Water wise I took only 500ml - was going to take 1L but one flask had sprung a leak!  I know a lot of churches have outside taps (so it proved) and there would be shops (actually very few!) so wasn't bothered.  I didn't eat much either - just a few biscuits and a chewy bar thing was all I had.  I only refilled the flask once using the outside tap at one of the later churches.

In all a pretty pleasant run with few wrong turns.  I have to admit some of the out and backs were a grind - one is several km and I don't enjoy retracing generally.

Very few people were out there past North Walsham I hardly saw anyone until Cromer!  Underfoot conditions were fine despite very heavy rain the day before - could /almost/ have got awy with road shoes but some large ploughed fields had to be crossed.

I think it would look a lot more attractive a route in Spring/Summer.  As it was it was pleasant but not especially remarkable. 

There ws a 20 minute wait in Cromer for the bus back to Sheringham and that was when I missed my layers!  I'll pack more sensibly next time!