FKT: Andrew Hamilton - Colorado Fourteeners (CO) - 2003-07-15

Route variation
self powered
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
19d 10h 40m 0s

Andrew Hamilton set the 14ers record of 13d22h48m in 1999. Some controversy erupted over Andrew's interpretation of the "rules", particularly his approach to Pikes Peak. Perhaps Andrew was frustrated by the arbitrary nature of the established rules. In any case, in 2003 he claimed the "self-powered" (but not self-supported) 14ers record. On June 24 Andrew walked out of his front door and jumped on his bike. He returned home 19d10h40m later, having climbed 54 14ers (Andrew simply skipped Culebra Peak, to which access had become problematic due to private property) and biked between them, that is, completing the trip entirely self-powered, but with a full support crew. Here's how Andrew described his approach:

The basic idea is that I have to power myself on all legs of the journey. I can bike, run, walk, kayak... but I can't be driven on any part of the route, towed, carried, or use any motorized technology to help me... You get the idea. However, my support crew can use cars to carry/transport my gear, they can cook for me, fix any broken gear, etc. Finally, I will start and finish in the same location. For me, this will be my front doorstep. However, anyone doing this in the future can choose whatever location they want as the starting and finishing location. I like starting from my front doorstep because although it will cost me a few extra hours, I like the idea of starting the clock when I really start (leave home) and stopping the clock when I can lay down in bed and sleep. Also, starting and finishing in the same location helps to remove any ambiguity about what is a legal place to start and stop the clock. You can start the clock wherever you want, only you have to stop it in exactly the same location. -- Andrew Hamilton