FKT: Andrew Noreen, Leah White-Noreen - Dosewallips River Trail - East Fork Quinault River Trail (WA) - 2021-07-09

Route variation
Standard point-to-point
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
11h 5m 17s

We ran the Dosewallips trail to the Graves Creek trailhead FKT. The trail goes from the new Dosewallips trailhead to Anderson pass and then drops into the Enchanted Valley and out the East Fork of the Quinault river trail to Graves creek trailhead. It is a gorgeous fun trail. Everything went well except Leah had some GI issues and IT band problems throughout the run. Trail conditions were great. Fairly easy to follow minus the little patches of snow on Anderson pass made finding one section of the trail somewhat challenging. Leah and I ran together without pacers. We carried all our own fuel and were able to refill water along the way in all the river/creek crossings. Lots of water on this route. This is an Awesome FKT route. Lots of room to knock time off the FKT.