FKT: Andrew Pontbriand - Medicine Bow Peak Loop (WY) - 2021-07-04

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
1h 16m 34s

I started the route on what appears to be a social trail just south of the main West Lake Marie trail entrance, as Harrison and Walker had done before me. I mostly power-hiked this short section to avoid getting winded right off the bat. Once on the main trail, the running felt good but slow; the trail was pretty steep and rocky, especially for the first mile or so. Around the second mile, the trail remained rocky but flattened out quite a bit, at which point I started moving at a much better pace. 

I power-hiked the last push to the peak, traversed some remaining snow on the northeast side, and started hard down the technical descent. Fast turnover helped me move quickly through this section. Once off the switchbacks, I was able to open up my stride and start picking up the pace. I had to run through a few muddy stretches but nothing too tedious. I eventually exited into the Mirror Lake Picnic Area where I picked up the last stretch of paved trail (adjacent to 130) back to the start of the loop.

For some reason, the Strava segment for the "Med Bow Loop Clockwise" didn’t register for my effort, which is odd since each person on the current leaderboard seems to have taken a different path through the Mirror Lake Picnic Area section (with differing final mileage too). Based on my dedicated scouting yesterday, a lot of these differing routes are actually along picnic area paths and not on actual trails.

Regarding nutrition, I left with two 10-oz handhelds and 8 energy chews. I drank about half the water and didn’t end up eating.