FKT: Andrew Reeves - Isle of Wight Coastal Path (UK) - 2023-08-02

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19h 26m 13s

9.45pm start night run. Seeing the Needles at night was pretty cool. I had a Grayl filter bottle for additional water, starting with 2 kg of food and 1 litre of water. I miscalculated the water stops as the public toilets I researched only had wall soap/water/hot air dispensers and not taps. I found a tap at Compton beach, then later a campsite tap on the path and finally a tap to fill up a dog bowl!

It rained on and off the whole journey and there was 50 mph wind but no lightning as forecast a couple of days before I set off.

Started and finished on the Medina River. Currently the chain-link ferry is not working.

Also note numerous path diversions (and nav errors) which greatly added to my total time.