FKT: Andy Blatecky - Collegiate Loop (CO) - 2022-07-04

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2d 20h 43m 33s
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Finished in 68:43:33. Such an amazing loop, but I think I'll do it more casually next time with family or friends. 


Monsoon was in full force and I got rained on each evening. Luckily I was down in the trees most times so I never got overly hypothermic, and could usually just dry out before I went above treeline. I also slightly miscalculated my calories and needed to ration my tailwind the last 15 miles so I could make it up silver Creek with something in the tank at 1am.


Here's my mileage breakdown:


Day 1 - 60 miles, start at avalanche trailhead, stop boss lake trailhead, 5 hours sleep


Day 2 - 50 miles, start boss lake trailhead, stop half way down Winfield side from lake Ann pass, 4 hours sleep


Day 3 - 52 miles, start half way down lake Ann pass descent, stop avalanche trailhead