FKT: Andy Wacker, Nicole Mericle - Buffalo Mountain Loop (CO) - 2023-08-13

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 13m 52s

Nicole and I both felt a little tired. Could have definitely run the first few miles better. There are a couple turns that we almost missed. Note the down pine tree in the way about a mile in. Nicole warmed up and crushed the uphill to Eccles pass. We had some good downhills. And slogged out the last miles. That last hill is still demoralizing.

This entire route has rocky footing that makes things a little slower and harder as well as several creek crossings on decomposing log bridges. This summer brought a few more muddy patches, but the wildflowers were still shining in mid August! The highlight seems to be the pass, when you run through green alpine meadows, with small lakes. But the aspens, match stick pines and views of Dillon reservoir aren't bad. 

I brought a pack with a liter of water and snacks. It was 70 and sunny and felt much hotter (thanks altitude) but I didn't really feel especially thirsty, and barely used any of the water I brought. Wouldn't bring as much next time. 

Parking is hard so get here early or be prepared to run an extra mile.