Athlete: Andy Wacker



Fastest Known Times the athlete has set; possibly historical. Check out each route to see its current FKT.

Route Route Variation Style Time Date
Six Lake Loop, RMNP (CO) Standard loop Unsupported 3h 40m 7s
Roxborough Full Tour (CO) Standard Loop Unsupported 1h 35m 15s
Sete Vales Suspensos / Seven Hanging Valley (Portugal) out & back Unsupported 1h 13m 24s
Needles Grand Tour (UT) Standard route Unsupported 2h 28m 12s
Bergen Peak (CO) up & down Unsupported 1h 15m 34s
Bergen Peak (CO) ascent Unsupported 44m 38s
Bald Mountain A (CO) up & down Unsupported 1h 39m 37s
Peak 1 (CO) up & down Unsupported 1h 29m 2s
Mt Audubon (CO) round trip from Mitchell Lake TH Unsupported 1h 19m 21s
Plymouth Mountain & Bill Couch Mountain (CO) TH-to-TH Unsupported 1h 19m 54s
Ralston Creek Trail (CO) out & back Unsupported 2h 45m 8s
Ralston Creek Trail (CO) one way Unsupported 1h 20m 40s
Marin Headlands Loop (CA) Standard loop Unsupported 1h 8m 39s
Guana, Timucuan, & South Point Loop Trail (FL) Standard loop Unsupported 45m 35s
North Table Mountain Loop (CO) Standard Loop Unsupported 44m 28s
Murphy Loop, Canyonlands (UT) Standard route Unsupported 1h 20m 11s
Syncline Loop (UT) Standard route Unsupported 1h 19m 21s
Horsetooth Reservoir Circumnavigation (CO) Standard loop Unsupported 2h 0m 8s
Round Mountain Trail (Loveland, CO) Ascent Unsupported 45m 38s
Red Rocks - Dakota Ridge Loop (CO) Standard route Unsupported 1h 31m 33s
Mt Flora (CO) up & down Unsupported 59m 0s
Coal Creek Trail (CO) one way Unsupported 1h 21m 55s
Dirty Bismark (CO) Standard route Unsupported 1h 28m 3s
Tenmile Traverse (CO) Standard route (Peaks 1-10, TH-to-TH) Unsupported 4h 7m 56s
Lickskillet Road Mile (CO) ascent Unsupported 8m 54s
Bear Lake to Grand Lake, RMNP (CO) one way Unsupported 2h 29m 58s
Mummy Mania (CO) Bill Briggs loop route Unsupported 5h 3m 7s
RMNP CDT Loop (CO) Standard route Unsupported 3h 20m 34s
Lumpy Ridge Loop (CO) Standard route Unsupported 1h 20m 48s
Twin Sisters West Summit (CO) car-to-car Unsupported 1h 0m 4s
Fall River Rd (RMNP, CO) Standard route Unsupported 1h 12m 40s
High Lonesome Loop (CO) Standard route Unsupported 1h 51m 12s
South Boulder Peak (CO) Ascent Unsupported 47m 6s
Mt Sanitas (Boulder, CO) 1 Lap (Mt Sanitas - East Ridge - Valley) Unsupported 27m 56s
Mesa Trail (Boulder, CO) out & back Unsupported 1h 28m 52s