FKT: Anna Gibson, Sam Diaz - Teton Crest Trail (WY) - 2020-08-30

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Standard route
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Total time
8h 45m 5s
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We set out on the Teton Crest Trail from Phillips Pass at 6:30am on August 30, 2020. Sam had run the route one time last year, and Anna had only run small sections at a time. We ran unsupported as a pair the entire route, stopping infrequently only to fill up on water at streams and occasionally put down some solid food. We had gorgeous weather, and a considerable wind that blew all day kept the temperatures moderate. After enjoying a beautiful and unsuspecting morning in the mountains, it became apparent we were moving at a good pace around the halfway mark. From that point on, we were on a mission to take down the previous FKT.

We pushed hard through the trials of the rugged downhills and the climb up Paintbrush Divide, continuously reaffirming to each other, "we are doing this". And we did it! We arrived at the end of the route 8:45:05 after we began, thrilled on a great day in the mountains and excited about our new FKT!