FKT: Anne-Marie Bayliss - Avon Valley Path (United Kingdom) - 2020-10-17

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 29m 34s

The Avon Valley Path is a scenic and varied route from Salisbury Cathedral to Christchurch Priory, mostly traffic free and I saw far more cows, horses, goats and donkeys than people until the last mile or so through Christchurch on a busy Saturday afternoon.  I've walked and run this path in stages several times over the years, including once with a new baby and another time with seven children who got themselves into all sorts of stuck in the mud/falling in the river situations and so I had lots of memories to chuckle about along the way.  This time was a last-minute decision. It is tricky to find the perfect time of year for the AVP as it often floods in winter and gets overgrown in summer, but it's such a nice place to be that you will always have a good day out regardless (unless you are not keen on cows and/or getting your feet wet).  I walked to the start and ran the first mile or two in the dark, then had a couple of hours of drizzle before the sun came out for the rest of the run.  There were several places where the water is already ankle deep.  I put some drinks and snacks in my Dad's car the night before and he met me at several points along the way.  With C-19 making life a bit limited he said he was glad to have a project but was probably just being polite, it was very kind of him.  I ran by myself for the first 24 miles, then a friend ran with me for the rest of the way.  My eldest child joined us for the last 3-4 miles to Christchurch.  I'm from one of the villages along the way so had some encouragement from passers by and the rest of the family too.  There are shops and pubs along the way, fish and chips and self-drive motor boats close to the finish and it's possible to get back to Salisbury from Christchurch on buses.